Ozaki  is a family owned business, based in Sasebo (Arita) Japan.

Founded 1877 more than 3 generations ago Ozaki family is a well appreciated partner distributing the original Japanese tableware. The porcelain ware is still made by the original craftsmanship and family's in the Sasebo area. Located in the south of Japan Kyushu Saga province.

Using modern technology and Charisse the old craftsmanship traditions. Ozaki is well known for high quality porcelain ware and unique designs. Distributed all over Japan to reach the customers high expectations daily. 

Since the VOC Dutch trade man landed in Japan on the Island Deshima with their ship de Liefde 400 years ago. Now after a carefully market research and investing in the 2 large tableware fairs in Europe the Ozaki family sees the right timing to expend the service to the customers worldwide. 

Ozaki Tableware is  founded in 2017 by  Mr Akinobu Ozaki, and based head office  & distribution center in the Netherlands.
Managed by Mr Frank van Osch and his devoted team members.
Unique that the European customer can be served local the bridge from Japan to Europe.

We look forward to work with you in the near future, 

  • Products are made in Japan only and from high Arita hand made quality
  • We offer the highest and best Japanese customer service
  • We design and provide more than 400 years of craftsmanship

Company history

1877  The establishment of a business. Inokichi Ozaki begins ceramics wholesale trade in Kiharacho, Sasebo-shi

1929  The second son of Inokichi Ozaki, Ozaki Toraichi succeed to the second generation and extend business affairs.

1959  Eldest son of the Ozaki Toraichi, Yoshihiro Ozaki succeed to business as the third generation.

1968  Showroom establishment.

1971  I change a corporation organization for business expansion and establish Ozaki ceramics Co., Ltd. (capital 6 million yen). Yoshihiro Ozaki takes office as a representative director.

1973  I make it and announce the catalogue of the industry’s first tableware for business use and attract attention

1979  I build the headquarters building and rebuild a showroom. I hold 100 establishment of a business anniversaries as a commemorative project and invite approximately 100 customers of the whole country  and perform a trade fair and a commemorative project.

1992  I establish the second office in Yoshifukucho, Sasebo-shi.

1994  “KIKOU”, and making announces (now “KIKOUJIN”) an original gift container. I increase the capital to 10 million yen with capital.

2003  Eldest son of Yoshihiro Ozaki, Akinobu Ozaki take office as a president-director to Chairperson representative director Yoshihiro Ozaki.

2011  Select Shop “KIKOUJIN” is open in Arita-cho, Saga

2017  We participate in a business professional use project for Arita ware making establishment of a business 400 years.

2017  we held “Ozaki TOHKI 47th term business plan announcement meeting” at Paradise Garden Sasebo.

2017  Ozaki Tableware B.V.  is founded in the Netherlands by Mr Akinobu Ozaki.

2018  Ozaki Tableware B.V.  opened the Arita showroom in Europe located in World Haratige side VEENHUIZEN Hospitaallaan 1 The Netherlands.